AdWords Hacks

for the Time Poor Marketer

Hone your AdWords chops with this 94-page no filler manual designed to give you an edge over your competition. This isn’t just another ‘AdWords book’ that glosses over simple strategies you’ve already heard before. It’s from my first hand experience managing million dollar PPC budgets in $50 a click markets.

This book, if you apply it, will increase your conversions by 15% over the next 90 days.
I personally guarantee it. Buy your copy now on Kindle

Commission Only Lead Generation Specialist

When you have a serious health problem, you go to see a specialist, not your regular GP. It’s the same with your business. If you have a serious problem and Google is the cause, then it makes sense to see a specialist who has a track record to turning around troublesome AdWords accounts.

I look at your business from a birds eye view, working backwards to find ways you can buy customers profitably. It starts with your economics, the numbers that run your business. Together we work out what you’re willing to pay to buy a customer. Then I build campaigns and advise on your sales funnel so you generate leads at an acceptable price.

Why should you hire me?
If you aren’t spending at least $50,000 a month online, then you’re best served by reading my book and managing your own campaigns.

I don’t do one-off projects or consultations either. But if you want an expert to generate 10% more leads a month, month in and month out, then we’re a good fit for each other.

  • I specialise in generating leads for service businesses and sales teams, advising on every step in your sales funnel from keyword selection, to creating irresistible offers and converting leads into customers.
  • I personally manage USD$425,000 in ad spend across Google, Bing, Facebook and various native ad networks each month.
  • I work on a results basis, which means I only get paid once a lead is generated at an acceptable cost per lead. No % of spend fees of monthly retainers, just results.
  • Personal service and responsive communication. I personally manage your account (no outsourcing) and I respond to all queries within two hours.
  • I’m a Premier Google Partner, which means I’m a certified Google Ads professional and spend approximately USD$560,000 with Google every 90 days.

What are my clients saying?

7You’ll realise after spending just a few minutes with Gabriel Bradly that he really knows his stuff when it comes to AdWords. Better than that, he has a track record that proves he can make your AdWords campaigns become a profitable driver of traffic for your business. With Gabriel it’s not about clicks or impressions, it’s about getting you a positive ROI for every dollar you spend.

Will Schmidt
Managing Director
Orchid Web Design

8Big thank you Gabriel for your input with the website. We have noticed a large increase in enquires in the last month with orthodontics and invisalign. Our suppliers are asking us how we’re getting in so many new patients but I’m keeping that a secret.

Dr. Michael Kan, BDS (Otago), FRACDS
Managing Director
Cosmetic Dental

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Stop the bleeding. Find the quick wins. Get more conversions for less spend.

Get my expert opinion on your AdWords account with a 20 min phone consultation. I will personally review your account, provide detailed recommendations and answer your most pressing questions, all for no cost and no obligation.

To qualify you must complete this questionnaire and be spending at least $50,000 a month online.

During your 20 minute phone consultation I will:

  • Answer your most pressing AdWords questions
  • Test your assumptions about your customers, business model and AdWords account
  • Get clear cut recommendations to improve your campaigns, fast
  • Decide if we’re a good fit for each other and arrange a time to meet up in person.

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