Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge for ongoing management?

I charge a one-off fee to setup or overhaul your account. From then on its 100% commission only, with a set dollar amount per conversion.

What happens if you get hit by a bus/take holidays/get hired by Elon Musk and can’t manage my account?

I setup and manage the accounts in a way that they are largely self managed (majority of budget allocated to exact and phrase match) and could survive one to two months without blowing up your credit card. This should give you enough time to find another capable AdWords manager to take over. I send you a weekly report which you can pass onto a new manager so they know the history of the account.

I review your account briefly every morning to check that its performing, even while on holiday.

If you would like to fire me and hand over to a new AdWords manager then I’m happy to consult with him/her to get them up to speed.

What results can I expect?

Minimum 15% increase in non-branded conversions within 90 days at the agreed cost per lead (CPL). Typically I can achieve this within the first 30 days. See these case studies to get an idea of the results you can expect.

Can you update and improve landing pages as needed?

Yes. I will update your website from a Quality Score and conversion perspective. All changes will be approved by you first.

Do you manage Facebook PPC accounts?


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I guarantee a minimum 15% increase in non-branded conversions within 90 days at the agreed CPL. If I don’t, then I’ll refund 100% of your money invested in my services.

Who controls/owns the AdWords account?

You do. Don’t accept anything less from your agency.

What if I want to cancel?

You can do so at a moments notice. Only conversions generated up to that point will be invoiced. I will delink your account from my MCC and you’re free to take over managing the account yourself.

Who is commission only AdWords management not for?

Typically large corporates who want to fixed monthly retainer, legal sign-off on all ad copy and who take months to make simple changes to their website.

Small advertisers who are spending less than $10,000 a month online and are uncomfortable increasing spend when the numbers make sense, i.e. more conversions at the agreed CPL

Demanding clients who expect champagne service for beer money. If you love sending your agency emails with every brain fart that enters your brain then we’re not a good fit.

I’m overseas. You’re in New Zealand. How does it work?

I’m regularly in touch via email (my preferred way of communicating). I encourage clients to email with their feedback on lead quality and ideas for offers. More feedback from the front lines talking to customers means better ad copy and landing pages.

If we need to talk, I can call you directly on your phone or mobile. Or Skype if its easier.

Most of my clients are from Australia, simply because they have bigger budgets. I’ve worked with others in the UK and USA as well. It works well.

What advantages/disadvantages do you have over a larger agency?


  • Pay for results, not a percentage of spend or monthly retainer.
  • Control your cashflow. If you decide to take a holiday you can without paying for your agency to take a holiday too.
  • Personal service. I personally manage your campaign. No outsourcing or palming off to another team member.
  • Results focussed. Because I’m paid based on results I’m 100% focussed on increasing those results. Impressions and brand awareness don’t pay my bills either.


Larger agencies have a range of highly experienced and fresh faced paid search marketers to manage your account. The senior talent can sometimes give you insights that can transform your account. If you’ve tried everything to squeeze more leads out of paid search, then a top tier agency can be useful for consulting or ongoing management.

The difference between a newbie and a 10 year veteran can be 10 times in some cases.

Larger agencies manage more accounts, so can cross pollinate more ideas from clients they have in other industries.

With larger agencies you’re really paying for their experience and insights. If your account is largely managed by one of their low-level search analysts then you might as we’ll hire a contractor or a smaller agency who really looks after you.