Commission Only
AdWords Management

If you are tired of paying horrendous monthly fees or 15-20% percent of your AdWords spend to the person who manages your AdWords, then I have a way to get off that hamster wheel.

True pay-for-performance AdWords management.

You pay for improved results, not hours or a percentage of your monthly spend. These methods only reward your AdWords manager for spending more time or more money on your account, not for producing results. Sure, you can give them a razz up every now and then to lift their game, but they haven’t got their money on the line. You do.

It’s the difference between the chicken and the pig when cooking up bacon and eggs. The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.

You may manage your AdWords campaigns in-house, trying to manage your account in amongst one hundred other things you need to focus on in your business. You may be finding that as the competition is becoming more sophisticated your costs are going up but you aren’t seeing an increase in sales. You may have hit the limit of your expertise and need a fresh pair of expert eyes to find the golden nuggets within your account.

That’s why you need someone whose interests are aligned with yours, that is, PROFIT.

Gabriel has come from nowhere and become THE de facto expert for PPC in New Zealand for his industry. I don’t care where you’re from, any time you can dominate an entire country in a service-based industry, that says mountains about the quality and integrity of his work. In my personal experience with Gabriel, he has shown me that growth, quality, and professionalism are the core components of his drive to succeed. If you’re considering hiring Gabriel, get him before he realizes how much he’s really worth and raises his rates.

Josh Thomas, Client Advisor, Perry S. Marshall & Associates

Advantages of my particular brand of Commission Only AdWords Management

I’m totally focussed on generating leads PROFITABLY. 

This means we set an acceptable cost per lead or cost per action (lead, opt-in, page view) and I religiously stick to it. If the cost per action goes over that amount, then I don’t get paid.

I focus on quality, not quantity

Tyre kicker leads actually cost you time and money to serve. I ruthlessly filter out these types of leads so that more of your spend is directed towards the higher quality (and often higher cost) leads. Sure, I get paid less because I’m generating fewer leads, but I’m thinking about the long term profitability and cash-flow of your business, not mine.

Because I’m paid based on results, I’m 100% focussed on increasing those results

This means that every day I’m thinking about your account, how to improve it and ring more leads and sales out of every dollar you invest. I have a maximum of ten clients at any one time, sometimes even less, which means that I’m always thinking about new ideas, cross pollinating what works with others and testing them on your account.

Hourly or fixed monthly arrangements are basically unethical. Percentage of monthly spend is even worse. The manager gets paid more only if you spend more. The easiest way to spend more is to bid on broad keywords or raise bid prices. Traffic and cost per click goes up but you get no discernable increase in results. The manager gets paid more though, so he’s happy, even if you are not.

Hourly fees incentivise the manager to create more work for themselves, or simply to take longer to do the work necessary. There’s no energy, excitement or emotional investment to get your campaign outperforming your competitors. Fixed monthly fees simply mean that the manager has to figure out a way to do as little as possible and still retain your business. Again, there’s no incentive to get your campaigns working at maximum clip.

Any AdWords manager who is truly worth their salt would be happy to get paid based on results. It shows total confidence in their ability to make you money. That’s why I’ll be upfront with you during our initial consultation. If I don’t believe I can help you or significantly improve your account, then I won’t take you on. I don’t need the money.

“I am *extremely* cautious with who I hire to manage my various PPC accounts. I have never met a big agency that can do PPC properly. Gabriel can. I trust Gabriel with my AdWords and Bing PPC accounts, and he’s worked incredibly hard to improve their profitability for me.”

Finn Peacock, Managing Director,


Commission only gives you more flexibility and allows you to control your costs

With monthly billing if you decide to rachet down your AdWords spend you still have to pay the monthly fee, regardless of how much work is involved in managing your account. But with commission only, you pay a fee per transaction. Often the money I save you on wasted clicks will more than pay for this fee.

I personally manage your campaign

You get to work directly with me, not some account manager or minion that you get farmed off to. I don’t outsource my work to the Philippines. I know every nook and cranny of your AdWords account. If you have a question, you can call or email me directly and I will personally respond within the same day.

I don’t hide behind some proprietary software that blocks you from viewing your campaign.

Like the Wizard of Oz, some AdWords managers have ‘software’ that uses an ‘algorithm’ to hide your campaign behind a curtain. This is code for “I’ve got a computer managing your campaign because I’ve got 100 other clients that I’ve got to deal with and there’s no way that I can spend enough time on your account.”  If they block access to viewing your account or are shy about telling you what improvements they are making to your campaigns, then that’s another tell-tale sign. You have the same level of access that I do to your AdWords account and you can personally see all my changes.

Personally, I love AdWords and am dedicated to becoming the best in New Zealand at it.

Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who is passionate about what they do? Someone who gathers inspiration from the world around him and applies it to AdWords? Someone who invests $15,000+ a year investing in their own education, traveling to overseas seminars to learn from the world’s best?

How to qualify for commission only AdWords management

  • You are spending at least $10,000 a month online
  • You are comfortable increasing your daily budgets if the cost per lead is acceptable
  • You fill in the form below to schedule a no cost, no obligation AdWords Consultation.

What do I get?

  • Brief review of your AdWords account. I will identify wasted spend, point out quick wins and provide detailed recommendations via phone. A single recommendation could be worth thousands.
  • 20 minute phone consultation with me to go through the recommendations and answer your questions.

There is no sales pitch and no obligation to hire me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this not for?

  • You are a micro manager who likes to send constant emails with every idea or brain fart that enters your mind.
  • You are a big corporate who require multiple layers of approval (or even worse, legal sign off) to get even one ad published.
  • Businesses that compete with my existing clients (I’ll tell you this before our consultation).

What do you charge for ongoing management?

There is an initial fee to setup/overhaul your account. Then its 100% commission only. I have skin in the game like you do. The fee per conversion depends on how many conversions you have in a month and your CPA or cost per action (lead/sale). The more conversions you have, the less the fee is per conversion.

Why should you hire me?

  • You only pay for results! If I don’t generate quality leads at agreed CPA then I don’t get paid. I’ve got skin the game like you.
  • I specialise in generating leads for service businesses and sales teams, advising on every step of your sales funnel from keyword selection, to creating irresistible offers and converting leads into customers.
  • I personally manage $260,000 in spend across AdWords and Bing Ads each month.
  • Personal service and responsive communication. I personally manage your account (no outsourcing) and I respond to all queries within two hours.
  • I’m a Google Partner, which means I’m a certified AdWords professional
  • I’m a Perry Marshall marketing junkie and fervently believe in applying 80/20 thinking your traffic (AdWords), conversions (sales funnel) and economics (lifetime customer value, gross margins).

And my clients enjoy working with me! Rarely do I have to do any marketing because my current clients continue to give me new projects and higher budgets to work with.

8Big thank you Gabriel for your input with the website. We have noticed a large increase in enquiries in the last month with orthodontics and invisalign. Our suppliers are asking us how we’re getting in so many new patients but I’m keeping that a secret.

Dr. Michael Kan, BDS (Otago), FRACDS, Managing Director, Cosmetic Dental


7You’ll realise after spending just a few minutes with Gabriel Bradly that he really knows his stuff when it comes to AdWords. Better than that, he has a track record that proves he can make your AdWords campaigns become a profitable driver of traffic for your business. With Gabriel it’s not about clicks or impressions, it’s about getting you a positive ROI for every dollar you spend.

Will Schmidt, Managing Director, Orchid Web Design


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