AdWords Audit

Stop the bleeding. Find the quick wins. Get more conversions for less spend.

Get my expert opinion with a comprehensive audit of your AdWords account.

I will identify wasted spend, point out quick wins and provide detailed recommendations in a two page report. A single recommendation in this report will save you more more than the audit fee.

This isn’t some cookie-cutter report I bang out of some run of the mill software. Its me diving deep into your account for two hours, running through a checklist I’ve built over tens of audits, then crafting specific recommendations for your account.

Here’s a brief list of what an audit includes:

  • Find the winners, i.e. the top performing keywords, ads and where you can generate more conversions, e.g. device, bid strategy, time of day, geography
  • Recommended account structure to maximise conversions within your daily budget
  • Diagnose Quality Score issues and identify quick wins, e.g. deleting low QS keywords
  • Eliminate waste. Identify the bottom 20 percent of the account that bleeding red ink
  • Identify areas where you’re leaving money on the table, e.g. less than 100% impression share
  • Insights into the mind of your customers to create more compelling ad copy
  • Untouched areas of opportunity, e.g. remarketing, new ad extensions and automated rules
  • New low cost traffic sources to take advantage of

Plus much more.

Plus a 30 minute phone consultation where I will:

  • Answer your most pressing AdWords questions
  • Test your assumptions about your customers, business model and AdWords account
  • Give clear cut recommendations to improve your campaigns, fast

View a recent audit report. AdWords Audit.pdf (55kb)

Investment: $250+GST

There is no sales pitch or obligation to hire me.

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